Static/Informational - This is the type of website that will feature mainly static text and pictures. The content won't change much - it may list the services/products of your company, an About Us page, a gallery of pictures, etc. On the infrequent times it does need to be changed, you will call us to do it.

Dynamic/Informational - This is similar to the type of website mentioned above - it will consist mainly of text and pictures. The difference is the content will change often, and it will easier for you to do it in house than to contact us to do it for you. If you want to share news about your company with your clients, or if you want to have a weekly column giving advice in your field, this is the type of site for you.

Flash & Graphics Intensive - Have you ever seen the animations featured on some websites? They are created using Flash. If the business you're in has a lot of glitz to it (e.g. if you're a nightclub owner) then this is the right type of site for you. There is a downpoint to Flash websites, it's almost impossible to get them ranked highly by search engines.

Database Driven - This type of site is necessary if you want to conduct and analyze surveys on the Internet, accept conference registrations, etc. If you're thinking about moving business processes online, then this is the option that best fits you.

E-Commerce If you will be selling products online, select this option.