IT Services

IT Consulting

Assistance with hardware purchasing, infrastructure recommendations, backup/cloud solutions, software purchasing/installation, etc...

On Site Support

Technicians can be scheduled for on site work  - installing new equipment, wiring, internet issues, etc...

Remote Support

Many issues can be handled remotely, so no one has to go anywhere! A technician can be scheduled to remote into the device having an issue and resolve the problem without you having to leave your chair. 

In-Shop Services

We offer in shop services for work that often takes more time - computer configurations, hardware replacement, operating system re-installs. Pick up/Drop off services also available upon request. 

Compliance and IT Audit Services

Many businesses are required to have IT compliance surveys or audits of their network and infrastructure. We can assist with submitting the relevant information and implementing any changes required, including but not limited to: Cybersecurity training, penetration tests, and vulnerability scans.

Managed Antivirus

We offer a managed antivirus called Webroot. We will monitor your network for infections and viruses, remove them remotely if possible and notify you if any issues arise - all without you having to worry. 


Our advanced technicians can troubleshoot a spotty network, diagnose connection problems, all the way up through installing and configuring a business grade router for your location. 

Backup/Cloud Solutions

We can assist with improving on an existing backup/cloud solution, or configure a brand new plan that is optimized for your business needs. 

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